Sweet and Savory Crepes Menu

The Sweet and Savory Crepes Parfait menu is 100% authentic

The sweet and savory Crepes Parfait menu offers the freshest seasonal ingredients. All of our sweet and savory crepes and fillings are made daily from scratch—we never use a pre-packaged crêpe mix whatsoever. Our traditional savory crepes are made with organic buckwheat flour and our sweet crepes are made with organic white wheat flour. Gluten-free crêpe alternatives are available upon request.
FAQ: Want to learn more about traditional sweet and savory crepes? Visit our Crêpe FAQs
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. For the latest up-to-date menu prices, please feel free to visit one of our mobile crêperie food trucks in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan region.  Learn more about traditional sweet and  savory crepes.
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Crêpes Parfait Crêpes Parfait

Merci Capitol South! It's so nice to come back and hear everybody welcoming us back. We're very grateful to you all. We'll be back next Mon.

Crêpes Parfait Crêpes Parfait