How to eat our portable crêpe?

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Our crêpes are made fresh to order and folded into a triangle shape for ease of carry. The filled crêpe is inserted into a specialty paper crêpe holder which you can carry with you as you walk and enjoy your meal.

We recommend starting from the top of the crêpe while it’s still hot and fresh, leaving a little bit of the crêpe exposed. Then, you have three options. You can lightly bite the top exposed part, loosening your hold on the paper holder, this will make the Crêpe slide out a little exposing more to eat, you can repeat until done. 

The second option is to reach into the crêpe holder and grab the crêpe pulling out part of it to enjoy while leaving the rest inside the holder, then repeat until done.

The third option is to tear the paper holder along the perforated lines exposing the crêpe as you go.

You can experiment with all techniques and choose the one you feel most comfortable with, no matter which way you want to enjoy your meal, we guarantee it will be delicious and satisfying.

Please remember to discard your crêpe wrapper and napkins responsibly and always be alert while being mobile and eating your perfect crêpe!

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