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The Crêpes Parfait™ brand offers an exclusive crêpe catering engagement for your wedding, business, school or special event. We dispatch our crêpe catering food truck to your location within the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan region! We offer our catering to engagements with minimum of 50 guests and up to 250. Our catering is based on an hourly rate with minimum of 2 hour booking. And it and includes unlimited servings of sweet and savory crêpes.
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Why Crêpes Parfait™ is your perfect crepe catering solution…

The versatility of the mobile crêpe is unmatched. Our Crêpes Parfait™ chefs handcraft your personal crêpe catering experience. 0The anticipation and entertainment of the live crepe catering experience, along with the interaction of your guests selecting individually-tailored fillings will always be a heartwarming and memorable catering experience.
  • Branded exterior mobile crêperie can be easily parked outdoors, on-site, on-location.
  • Cordial, professional and elegantly attired chefs.
  • Delightful engagement with your guests offers friendly and wonderful interactions.
  • Perfect intimate and entertaining alternative to generic buffet-style solutions.
  • Unique and authentic crêpe service experience—unmatched in the industry.

Crêpes Parfait™ offers many affordable packages, easily customized for your specific crepe catering needs!

Crêpes Parfait™ is always delighted to serve you. In order to best serve you, please fill out and submit our Catering Form. 

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